N e t s u k e

I am Harald Hayen - carver name Hako.

Hako  =  Ha from Hayen and Ko from Minko, my favourite carver of all times.

I make netsuke etc. since 1975 and collect older stuff, when

it is available for my small moneypouch.  Here I show  what I carve.

I made circa 1800 netsuke over the years, do not want to be an artist - a carver only.

Sometimes it´s important for me to try copies of first class old netsuke to improve my eyes and hands.

There is a good friend in the Netherlands, Ko Baas, who is doing fantastic

netsuke etc. . You may see his work under        netsuke.nl



Streekermoor,  Germany



No comissions please.



I love to carve this models of a peach, did nearly fourty till today. This is my best so far......

My friend the bumble - bee in my garden.

A hare after a Minko model.

Mole acting as a tanuki.

Musashi´s pupil Jotaro, sitting with his bokken and a mask.

Ebony and brass eyes. I really love the Minko oxen.

My version of an owl. I tried to carve in the style of Minko, no copy.

I will have to carve some more tigers, until it has the power of Minko´s tigers.

16 cm Ashinaga and Tenaga .                                          A grazing horse like a netsuke in the Cohen book.

A Yamada model of a rat.           I like the Masanao netsuke very much.

I had to sell my first Minko Tanuki in 1980 and carved the same model for myself again.

I like to use nice kanagu for carving manju.

Two bokuto of boxwood.